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I am going to change the colours on my journal

My football supporting mind has kicked in and scolded me that the colour of my journal looks like Aston Villa FC colours.

My ex supported Aston Villa.

I dont wish to be reminded of eithers existence as much as possible.

So I will change the colour, and maybe do a few things. I like the layout tho, thats just zaney. It's a shame the football club I support (Crystal Palace FC), have red and blue colours, which while it looks good on the pitch, would completely not be functional as colour choice on here. I want people to read, not to get tired and irritated eyes! I'm not THAT much of a sadist!

So apart from feeling like changing the decor, what else has happened to me in the last month and a bit?

Quite a lot.

Again I am divided into two (which is something I'm used to), as what to post here. At the end of the day it is My journal, and I can put whatever the fuck I want.

That's all well and good, but another part of me feels that saying things of this level of importance to my offline life will cheapen the whole effect of it (unless of course I restrict my post to friends only... and they know anyway so whats the point in repeating information!!!!)

I've given myself some mental fine-tuning, and boy has it ever paid off. I cannot express in words what has taken place within these past couple of months or so... and to a further extent over seven years ago... and to an even larger extent (yeah yeah I'm repeating words, I'm tired so shut up), since childhood. Finally I shook a weak but regrettably dominant part of my mind untiil it rattled and slapped it around a lot and commanded it to get in line, and now it is in line. A nice clear path cut into the ground in my internal world, heading slightly towards the left. :) My mighty will shall cleave the pestilent shrubberies which may occasionally stand in the way, as shrubberies are sometimes inclined to do when the mood takes them. NO SHRUBBERY SHALL SURVIVE!!

Confused? Good. >:) Don't care? Even better. Your ignorance shall be noted... maybe not by me, because I can't see you. :P

Anyway, I shall leave this subject at that, and speak no more of it, in here anyway. I deem 95% of internet people unworthy as it is!

On the other fronts:

Employment - applied for a job at the last place I worked at for a year... unfortunately didn't quite make the grade. Feh, there will be other opportunities. Worked at the council water lab since September. Only a weekend job and at the moment its quiet so I'm not getting much income. Keen to work full-time again... even though my awake hours were mostly spent working, I liked the money and what could be gained from it... plus the fact the nights and the weekends were still mine at least, and I learnt to treasure them more. Not too keen to continue working in the microbiology section. It's really not my thing. Give me chemistry any day. So at the moment I'm cruising and watching my money although I've still got a cushion reserve from what I saved at the last place I worked.

Education - if you read any of my previous posts, sometimes I was on here rather than doing assignments. Naughty naughty. Getting a job half-way through my course upset the balance slightly, with on-the-job training I had less time to do schoolwork because I was pretty much working full days then (and benefitting financially if anything). One assignment I didn't hand in until two months over the deadline, but my lecturer was one of the good sorts who was fairly lenient when it came to such matters. Three weeks from the course ending date, I was slightly panicking... but I stuck my head down and got on with it. Wrote up all my practicals which I hadn't written up but still wrote the results down etc so that was all good. That took about a week, then finished some assignements, some of which I had started but not finished, and had them all done in a day. In the last two days I had left, I tied up loose ends with the modules I considered less important.
I received my results in the mail and discovered I had passed everything. That was the biggest rush, even bigger than Xmas. The money spent on course fees, was money well spent (and student-loan-free! ^_^)

Relationships - I am still going strong with my bf, despite baiting him online. I can't help it, in a way I prefer arguing online than offline (especially serious ones), because I don't hear the tone of voice or have to deal with sulks other than going offline, which we both have done. I think I was nice to him tonight... with good reason of course!
That thing with the stupid bitch I mentioned in a couple of posts is over. She's completely dead to me... I might have had to have dealt with some of the repercussions of things but there's always a price and at least it was temporary. A lot of awesome stuff has happened in my favour there to completely dilute the magnitude of the problem. A small irksome thing with that is that my bf still associates with her (only because she lives with another band member ><)... Fraterniseing with dead ppl... well... I can think of better things!

It's not so bad anyway, we have aquired some new friends... which might have been old friends well to my bf anyway. This is great because I have hardly had any social stimulation outside going to trivia nights and the ocassional movie (I'm goin to RotK tomorrow yay!), so this is really really good, and may prove to spread my wings into unchartered territory, if cards are played right. It's about time I tried something new! Finally good to meet ppl who I have something in common with, except my bf has more in common when it comes to music. More to do with knowledge than taste though... and a sometimes counfounding obsession with metal CDs. I like music sure, but not to the extent where it hampers my enjoyment of other things due to not being able to afford them cos of spending money on CDs! I'll stick to MP3's and my modest collection of CDs collected from 1992, in various stages of suckyness depending on where I was at in life. Even though they suck and I might never listen to them again, they're close to me because I bought them!

*shrugs* Each to their own (stupidity)! Muhahaha!

OK I'm gonna work on the new design before I go sleepies!! Nite!
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