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Humans need to DIE!!!

I have given up on thinking there's any decency in society. I have been tolerant of filthy humans crawling around the pavements in varying stages of depravity and retardation...

From now on... the tolerance is ZERO!!!! None, none whatsoever. Nothing. The line has been crossed, and there is no turning back. Part of me has changed due to this. A large part of me.

Although the changes began some time ago...

If you remember, in a post i wrote about six months ago, i had some speakers stolen out of my car... and i guess i was pretty angry about that. Well, yes, yes I was.

The speakers might have been worth 200 bux but i had only paid 70 for them, so that was fine, i didn't really lose out then.

HOWEVER. I bought some more, not long after... and they were better and cost me 350 bux all up. Last weekend me and the bf had a rockin good nite at the stockcars... i had parked my car with other cars... i DID have a small little tingle at the back of my mind about the speakers... but then thought nah... i've parked them out on another street all the time for just as long.

How WRONG i was. I get back, and the passenger door is fucked, and my speakers are gone.

I keep my car secure. I lock it. That's all i SHOULD have to do.

I am sick of the filth, the stupid opportunists that go.. ooga booga ooh lookie here, a nice set of pioneer 6"x9"s! I want them... Rangi said i'd get a good price for these, bro! I might even get fifty dolla! I don't see an alarm.. but the car's locked. That's where the trusty tennis ball and screwdriver come in! Wheheeee hunga bunga! I'm gonna get me some munny!

They'd be dead if my bf got onto them. To tell you the truth, he was more angry than i was, at first. Then the next day the empty sockets from where my speakers used to look at me, all tucked up nicely in the makeshift parcel tray... reminded me of their absense.

To reiterate from that post a few months ago. I'm NOT rich. I don't do it to show off, I'm not a boyracer poseur. I just like my music loud, and preferably quadraphonic. Loud, thumping/screaming music makes `InSaNe` a placid and reasonably less grouchy alien.

I bought my speakers and my stereo system because the old one was a cruddy tape deck and the speakers hissed and crackled. It was a present to myself, to reward myself of the hard work I'd done for a year. I didn't buy it because it was COOL or i was rubbing it in peoples faces that finally i was doing better than someone who works at mcdonalds or a supermarket or who doesn't work at all.

WHy should I have an alarm? Oh thats just a huge judgement that i don't look after my stuff. I did look after it. The car was secure. Why should I have to spend MORE money on an alarm, just to deter retarded, no-brained, wastes of oxygen who don't know what PRIVATE PROPERTY is.
For therapy, I wrote a pretend letter to the paper.... it was damn good too... convinced my bf and both my parents on my point of view... the words were strong, but not profane. I believe that if this particular article were sent, it would start a bit of a stir up. It's not every day one makes a public outcry for public execution, dismemberment or humiliation of wrongdoers. To me, it makes PERFECT sense. And i'll be there in the front rows, or perhaps even at the gallows, not on the receiving end.

Criminals here get off so easily... unless they're murderers or paedos... then people are on your case for years... while the less serious crime doesn't get as much coverage and the people just slip thru the cracks.

This incident only steels my resolve, and hardens my opinion that even thieves should suffer. One hand seems like a fair price to pay, enough to deter them from repeat offenses, and something to make younger wannabe's wet their jammies in fear.

I have no respect for anyone younger than 20 now... excluding cousins or co-workers children. None at all.

Race may or may not be an issue also. Don't get me wrong, I hate all humans pretty much equally, but the so called 'indigenous' race here have it too easy, so easy in fact that most of them are a bunch of lazy, slobs who expect handouts from the government as... i don't know.. some form of offering because the white man 'invaded' 160 years ago and destroyed their culture or something... blah...

I don't know whats worse, them, or the young white/mongrel children who pretend to be like them cos its 'cool' and like being a rap star. wazizzle mah nizzle. GAH!!!! THEIR ancestors would be rolling in the grave.

It's not "COOL". It's. fucking. LAME.

Leave me alone. Leave my stuff alone. If I EVER see anyone fuck with my stuff, they're history. Shove the police, I'm sure they'll understand. One can only take so much.

The annoying thing is... I don't know who the snivelling little cowards are, so I have no way to direct my anger... except to pent it up and let it out in small bursts at inopportune moments... It pisses me off... I want to deal to them.. but the enemy is invisible...

Fuck an alarm, I'm going to get another car... (when I can afford one). The one I have is too... well.... I know i can do better, and every time I look at it, knots start to form in my guts.

I was going to post something else here, but I think what I have just spouted now would somehow cheapen the mood, so I might leave it till later. It's nothing new though, just bringing some truths home that I've known for a while. So...

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