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I am a BITCH!

I already knew that sure, but aren't there limits as to where bitchyness goes? It seems sometimes i will tread on the corpses of those close to me to get what I want.

What is wrong with that?

At least one of those close to me can shove it back in my face. Yes, its unfair.

Life is unfair.

There are those who fight, and those who FIGHT.

Battles with self, battles with others, battles with the system, battles with bodies, battles with minds, and with souls.

Life is one huge battle. One big unfair battle where all the odds are stacked against you.

Unfortunate, yet challenging.

Although I like to fight alone, sometimes its great to have a team mate. There have been some that haven't made the grade, so i just left them on some far away planet to die.

I have that ablility, to just leave people by the wayside, and forget about them.. either that or they just forget about me and i don't give a shit anymore. the universe is a very big place.

I guess i'm not the best of team-mates when it doesn't suit. Only cos i leave the others behind or they're wasting my time, and causing a huge imbalance.

I'm a bitch. its the only way to survive. crush or be crushed.

some ppl find out the hard way...

am i sorry? *shrugs*. why should i be.
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