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I'm going to add a little bit more...

Reading down this journal I can't believe I haven't posted about a fairly important thing that happened late '05...

I went to London!

It was only for nearly two weeks but it was cool...

And I want to go again!

Next time I'll go with someone who actually wants to go to the Goth clubs there... -_-

Instead of my brother and his now wife who are pretty straight... and my Dad.

On the upside, I got to see my beloved Palace play! (altho I'm being slack on them now.. :( )  That was cool but I was tired and it was a Saturday so there definately was no Goth clubs for me that time...

When I go next it prolly won't be cool anymore, or I'll be too old... :P

I Loved Camden markets and the shops and wow they were awesome, there's nothing like that in NZ.

Westminster Abbey was cool, not everyday you get to see a building thats about 1000 years old...

I want to go over with Xan and drown in the life....

But we got two lil boys now and we'll go when they're a bit older or something, or leave them @ g-parents to babysit em... (they're good like that)

I still can't believe that I forgot all about it... o_O
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