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26 years ago...

A Goddess was born - a unique individual, different from the rest. For a long, long time, she thought that this difference was a curse, that there was something wrong. For the briefest of times, she attempted to fit in, and discovered that it was like a star shaped peg fitting into a square hole. When confronting her parents about these differences which lead to being socially ostracised (although she found a less shallow, more interesting circle of friends to compensate), her parents didn't come up with any answers, except this: Be Yourself. (They didn't like this 'self' much at times though).
Being oneself is a difficult path, but the most rewarding.

This Goddess embraces that she is different, from the rest, alien, one might say. She also takes pleasure in watching the masses get sucked from one fad and trend to another, washing over their lives and carrying them away like waves, who are so much without self that they rely on external means to form their opinions and ideals, rather than search for them inside themselves. While they are drowning and getting sucked down by the rip tide of insecurity of what people might think of them, she skims atop these waves, by her own strong, constant instincts. She laughs at those who have no sense of identity, who are just empty clotheshorsey shells. She knows she is better than them, more evolved; elite.

Good and bad are relative to the perspective. There is no solid standard written in stone. Good is what she deems to be good, and bad is treated in the same way. She likes something because it gives her pleasure, she enjoys it, it is good, not something that is on a 'what's hot, what's not' list. Bad things are acknowledged, not ignored, and the problem dealt with. She is a creature who enjoys being a human animal in every sense of the word, and who revels in the natural powers of her magic.

This, the 27th day of April, XXXIX A.S. IS MY DAY!

Before I go and eat my chocolate covered apricots and indulge in an extra extra long shower with my new bathtime goodies (thanks Mum and Dad!), I will consecrate this small livejournal ceremony with a poem, penned by the lovely hands of this Goddess:

Light averted
Darkness embraced
Come to the centre
To find your place
Pale white skin
In a world of black
If you're afraid
It'll spit you right back

Chase away fears
They are but nought
External disruptions
Polluting your thoughts
Expunge them to void
Gather your rage
Read every word
Before turning the page

Pull yourself up
Beat all the odds
Crawl through the filth
To walk with the gods
Cleanse your body
In a river of blood
A fountain beside you
Erupts in a flood

Drenched in crimson
Soaked through with red
Rise up, new goddess
Throw back your head
Scream with a voice
That would bring millions death
After it fades
You take your first breath

Awaken the flame
Of blackest pitch
Ignite your soul
Ethereal witch
Who burns from the inside
With crackles and spark
Cold on the outside
One with the dark

Light averted
Darkness embraced
You are the centre
You've found your place
Blood-spattered white skin
Enfolded in black
You're not afraid now
You'll never go back

`InSaNe` 2004

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