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Solstice's Altar Returns After Hecate

Shh, it's a secret code!! ^_^

Anyway this is just a short note to say that I'm still around, even though I use Myspace a hell of a lot more...
but I just can't go and delete this... hehehe I will come back and visit occasionally...

Anyway.. updates... I have a job in a veterinary pathology lab, as a full time permanent tech (Intemediate level haha.. there's always a catch..) I live away from home in a cute little flat with my bf.. (still chaossphere...)
That has it's ups and downs... and DOWNs... nothing I can't handle with a good stiff drink (or 12) and the company of good fiends.. er... Friends!!... whether in person or via txts.. :P

I'm still me... still enhancing, still evolving, still surviving...
I designed Beltane's new logo!!!
Check them out, be their friends!! haha

See you in another year!! haha ;P
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