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Magic Works in Strange Ways...

Sometimes not in the way you want to. ;) Oh well, thats something I have to live with.

I wanted to get rid of my car, yes. I'd had enough of crap getting stolen out of it and the locks being damaged and stuff.

Now, I don't have a car... well not my old one anyway. In a later post I will put up all the details (I need some more photos and a place to put them).

To cut a long story (which I will post later) short, I had a crash at 12:30am Friday 13th. Freaky, no?

I just found out my car is a write off.

Yes it happens to everyone else.. yada yada yada. Watching my little 4-wheeled friend being towed away was pretty darn sad.

I'm lucky it's insured, and I will use the money to put a deposit on another car, and pay it off with money from work.

I'm borrowing my work car at the moment which is great cos its a nice little car and fairly new... only I can't drive it where I want... but... hey its only for another week or so.

My boyfriend was in the car too, and it would have sucked if he'd been hurt cos he started his new job yesterday... which is great because now we can go to the next step in our lives... for him its to get a car and his restricted licence... and then at some point we can find a place together. It's a bugger because he works til 8pm and I don't get to see him as much as I did, but all in all its for the best in the bigger picture cos when we get a place we can be together more. Mum and Dad now know that we are in a relationship, and because of this accident it brought us all closer together and now my mum doesn't mutter and roll her eyes as much as she used to at the mention of his name. It was a bit hairy on the way back from the accident (my parents drove over 100km to pick us up and then back again), because mum took some of what he said personally and even told dad to pull the car over... but that was the only bad thing... They drove us to Wellington the next day, so we could stay at some friends place cos we had a gig to go to that we didn't want to miss. I would have been driving down but without a car the prospect of going there was pretty grim. It was good tho, and I have to say that I enjoyed the gig immensely and it has renewed my 'faith' in New Zealand Metal! Dawn of Azazel slay!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

So yeah, thats the ups and downs and stuff... and I'll leave it at that.

The next post I make... once I find a place to host my pix again (GEE THANKS VILLAGEPHOTOS -_-), will be one detailing the crash and what happened and basically will include the case I'm compiling. Supposedly I've been charged with careless driving (the police didn't have to be involved but they were), and if I go to court I'm not going to plead guilty... Me and dad are gonna go up to Hastings and take some pictures of the accident scene while we're there picking up the car to take home... If it doesn't seem clear right now, it will be. I don't want to post the details right now because I'll just be repeating myself later on. So keep a look out! :D

R.I.P L'il car... :(
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